Shubhra Enterprises was established in the year 2009 by Engineer, who decided to introduce new products and technology which would play an important role in safety and security.

In minimizing losses caused by electrical fault currents and short circuit to the manpower and machine, Conventional earthing methods were just not enough as they lacked reliability, durability and needed regular periodic maintenance to perform satisfactorily.

After extensive field studies and research, CONRETE CONDUCTIVE EARTHING SYSTEM was developed. Our Products are CE Certified, CPRI Tested, Approved by government departments and bodies. Our products are compliant to all the necessary relevant standards such as: IS 3043, IEC 62561-2, IEC 62561-7, IEEE 80, NFC 17-102, BS EN 50164-2 etc.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Maintenance free Earthing & ESE Lightning Arrestors. Today, we are providing premier brand of earthing products designed for diverse niche applications in the field of electrical earthing and lightning protection.

Our Team

At Shubhra Enterprise, we take pride to have such a skilled team of professionals with a vision of observing and analyzing the need and requirement of the end users. We fulfill the requirements and expectations of our client as per the necessity, with evident results. Application of cutting edge technology & tools and well-timed execution of the assigned task with minimal time is what our team of experts is destined for. Our team of experts and professionals ensure the entire execution of service with utmost care and competence. Our motto is to provide complete safety and security to all your electrical appliances and need.

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