Shubhra Enterprises was established in the year 2009 by Engineer, who decided to introduce new products and technology which would play an important role in safety and security. In minimizing losses caused by electrical fault currents and short circuit to the manpower and machine, Conventional earthing methods were just not enough as they lacked reliability, durability and needed regular periodic maintenance to perform satisfactorily.

CE Certified and CPRI Tested Products
More than 11 Years of Industry Experience
Maintenance free earthing Solutions


Key Features of our Concrete Conductive Earthing Electrode

The electrodes are coated with 100% Copper for a longer tenure

The electrodes are designed for faster dissipation of fault current

The installation process is easy, fast and hassle free

The electrodes need minimal maintenance on site

Resistant to adverse climatic conditions


Our Concrete Conductive Earthing Electrodes find its relevance in several industrial verticals like

Petrochemical plants

Compressed Natural Gas plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Telecom and Broadcasting centers

Sugar, Paper and Distillary

Process control and automation industry

Government Sectors

Wind Turbines


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